Oklahoma state Sen. Bennett: American Muslims are a ‘cancer in our nation that needs cutting out’


“Islam,” he began, “if you bring it up as a non-Muslim, you’re called a ‘racist,’ or a ‘bigot,’ or an ‘Islamophobe.’ That’s what I was called by CAIR.”

“But the truth is,” Bennett said, “I’m speaking the truth.”

He said that “I’ve read the Koran,” and “90 percent of it is violence. And only 10 percent of it is conciliatory, or what some would say is the ‘peaceful’ part of the Koran.”

Bennett went on to say that he would talk about “Islam, and Muslim, and what the difference is between Islam and Muslim, and what those really mean.”

“I’m going to talk about threat of ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood, and CAIR, which is right here in the state of Oklahoma.”

“Is there a difference between moderate and radical Islam?” he asked, before answering, “I say, ‘No.’”

After attempting to describe the difference between “Muslim and Islam,” Bennett asked, “How can I be racist against Muslims or Islam when the ethnicity is actually Arab? This is kind of confusing.”

He then said that the goal of all Muslims is “the destruction of Western civilization from within. This is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out,” he added, but “the media is playing right into their hands.”

It’s 2014. These people are still getting elected into office?

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do you ever have that feeling when you look at someone and you can tell they’re racist.

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